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The top 5 reasons why Life Coaching is just like Fitness Coaching

1 You have a goal in mind

You go to a fitness coach to help you slim down for that wedding, get in shape for those summer beaches, improve your health or give you more confidence, you have a goal in mind.

You come to a Life Coach to help you get the job you love, improve your closest relationship, to support you set up a business of your own, manage that difficult family situation. You have a goal in mind.

2 You take action and get moving

A fitness coach will push you to exercise your muscles, sit ups, star jumps, push ups, standing on wobbly things, hanging on bands attached to trees. You get moving.

A life coach will push you to exercise your neurons, what is it that really matters for you? What do you value in life? What’s your ideal scenario? How are you going to get there? You take action. Note it’s you that does the moving and thinking

3 You work parts you never knew you had

A fitness coach get you to exercise your brachioradialis, your erector spinae and your gracilis - yes those ones. Working the muscles builds their strength, stamina and flexibility.

A life coach will get you to explore some more of the 100 trillion synaptic sites in your brain. By thinking new thoughts and spending time thinking those thoughts you strengthen them and weaken the ones you spend less time on. See neuroplasticity.

4 You have support on the difficult bits

Not all exercises are easy, a fitness coach will help you get in the right position, will ensure you are moving in the right way, will keep you efficient and effective in your movements.

Not all goals are easy to achieve, a life coach will help you find different perspectives, will help you manage the emotional parts, will help on the motivation to overcome the inertia.

5 You could do it yourself but its much easier with a coach

Of course you could get up at 5 in the morning and go for a run yourself. Of course you could go down to the gym and work out. Of course you could design your own exercise routine, BUT it’s so much easier with a coach and a lot more fun.

Of course you could work out your goals. Of course you could think things through yourself. Of course you could overcome those hurdles on your own, BUT, it’s an awful lot easier with a coach to help you explore, be a sounding board, egg you on, support your success and it’s a hell of a lot more fun!!


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