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Pricing and packages

The Discovery Package consists of 6 x 1 hour sessions.

This includes defining where you are now; what your goals, life missions and values are; managing
the inner critic and accessing the inner mentor as a resource. It also includes overcoming obstacles both limiting beliefs and emotional hurdles; unlocking your motivational energy and holding you accountable for your transformation.

Following this, sessions can also be booked individually or in groups based on an hourly rate.


Where and when do we meet?

We can meet wherever is most convenient for you from the following alternatives. 

  • The practice location at 42 Route Du Vallon, Chene-Bougeries.

  • Any cafe within 15 mins walks from Cathedral St Pierre in the centre of Geneva.

  • Walk and talk starting at Baby-Plage, Quai Gustave-Ador, lake Geneva.

  • Talk in the Parc La Grange, Quai Gustave-Ador

  • Typically, is best to choose a location that allows you to be comfortable and relaxed and be able to talk freely and openly in a confidential way.

  • In these socially distanced times, the meetings can also be by Zoom, Facetime or by phone.

The timing is down to you, but typically 1 hour every two weeks allows time for the learnings to be absorbed and the homework to be completed.

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