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What is Coaching?.

Coaching is the support given to a person to help make a change or transformation in their life that will result in more satisfaction and fulfillment.

How the coaching works

You will start by assessing where you are right now.
The coach will then help you uncover what matters in your life, what you value, and what your life
purpose is. You will define goals that improve the aspects of your life that you want to address. The
alignment of these goals with what you value will generate energy and instill a motivation for


There may be areas of your life where your perspective is fixed, or emotionally blocked.
The coach will help you look at things in new ways to liberate your drive. The coach will also help
you manage your inner critic and will help you recognise the leader within as a resource in making
positive choices for change.


Why might you need a coach?.

We get stuck in thoughts that tie us up in knots of our own making. We feel we can’t move forward and this pattern of thinking keeps us locked in a difficult or unhappy situation. We may know what we should be doing but just can’t summon up the motivation to actually do it. We punish ourselves with our inner voice saying we are lazy, which in turn makes us feel worse and even less motivated. Or, we are just plain scared of approaching the subject. We avoid it for fear of emotional pain, the more we avoid it the worse it seems to get. We have a dream but we tell ourselves there is no way we can get there, it is not for us, and we have a host of reasons why it is not possible.

Typically, you want to make a change or a transformation, but you are stuck in a position that is
uncomfortable or unsatisfactory; for example in your work activity, your environment or your

What does the coach actually do?

The coach listens, asks powerful questions, articulates the situation and shares insights through out the process. This stimulates thought, learning and discovery of what is possible. The coach will champion you, hold you loyal to your agenda and values and keep you accountable for the transformation that you want to make. The coach will help you look at different perspectives, overcome limiting beliefs and tap into inner resources.



There are common misconceptions about Coaching such as it's effectiveness and whether it is same as therapy.  


Does it work?

There is an increasing body of scientific research showing the link between life coaching, better
self awareness, better attainment of goals, alignment with values, over coming obstacles and
successfully managing life transitions. (Govindji & Linley, 2007; Grant, 2003; Green, Oades, &
Grant, 2006; Linley, Nielsen, Gillett, & Biswas-Diener, 2010; Tofade, 2010)

Is it therapy?

Coaching is not therapy, it assumes that the client is complete, resourceful, whole and creative and
focuses on moving your life forward to be more in line with what you value the most and what brings the most joy and fulfillment to your life.

Therapy is more backward looking, looking to find the source of problems today that stem from experiences in past life. Should therapy be required, I will provide alternative professionals to support you in that transformation.

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