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Does anyone really listen to you? Your dog maybe?

The top 5 ways you should be listened to:

With the ears

Hmm, kind of obvious you think but to be really heard your listener should be able to repeat and articulate exactly what you have said. It can be enormously impactful hearing back what you said, how it sounds, how it comes across. It can inspire further areas of thought that you might have missed just by saying it and not hearing it. It can cement a course of action that sounds even firmer of purpose when you hear your words from someone else.

With the eyes

Listening with the eyes! How does that work?! Your body never lies, it gives away all sorts of information about your inner state and emotions that can be missed when people are just listening to your words. Having someone see you, really seeing the real you, can be profoundly moving. An acknowledgement of what you are going through, how you are feeling, what you have acheived. You are no longer invisible.

With intuition

You get that feeling that things are a certain way for the person you are with. You know it, you feel it but you keep it to yourself. Imagine if your listener shared their intuitions about you, what would you learn? Things you know in yourself are important but you are not dealing with, things you are trying to hide from the world but the world intuitively knows anyway or maybe something profoundly true that you never knew about yourself but others feel about you. Intuition is a powerful capacity we rarely use, share or hear.

With curiosity

When your listener is genuinely interested and asks questions, you realise things about yourself you never knew, you explore territory you have never thought of, you consider things you might have thought just a dream. You are challenged to think, to really think about things. There is nothing more validating than having someone take the time and effort to show a genuine interest and take the time to go deeper into your thinking with curiosity.

With unconditional support

When someone is on your side, they are there for you through thick and thin, will listen to the worst you and the best you with no judgement or criticism. You are heard for who you are and who you want to be with complete acceptance.

If any part of this resonates and you are looking for somebody to listen to you, to help you make a change with any aspect of your life contact


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