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About Keith Milne

I grew up in a small market town in the North of Scotland, the only child of a single parent. I was the first member of my family to go to University where I gained a degree and Phd in Chemistry. I spent 4 years in research and development managing a team making plastic replacement parts for cars. I moved to a commercial job managing teams marketing Lycra into underwear and swimwear in Europe. I then moved again, to a finance job managing a team selling financial derivative products in Europe. Every step was a transformation, a new goal, new problems and hurdles and a new me.

I have been married for the past 24 years, and have 18 year old twins. We have been living in Geneva since they were born. I swim regularly with a triathlon club - in the pool and the lake. I cycle all over Europe in the vacations. I play guitar in a band. I am a passionate football supporter. I read history and classics to try to keep up with my kids!

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Why would I chose you as a coach?

The most important reason would be personal fit. For a good coach/client relationship the chemistry has to be good to build a trusting relationship so that the client can fully explore and discuss all aspects of their life that they want to freely and openly.

This can be easily assessed from a first meeting or coaching taster session. The second reason is training and expertise. I have been trained by Co-Active Training Institute (CTI) one of the largest and most renowned coach training institutes in the world. They are recognised by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) that ensures that professional and ethical standards are met by the coaches. And lastly, being over 55, I have a lifetime of experience managing, mentoring and coaching all sorts of people inside and outside work.

For more information please get in touch: Email:

Phone: +41 (0) 79 405 73 97


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